PureDeadBrilliant is a Scottish phrase often used to describe something totally amazing. It’s a perfect description of my decadent, rich brownies

I began making brownies when I started my new job 10 years ago as a way to get to know people. It then just became something I did on a regular basis for my work colleagues and friends until our neighbours asked if they could sell them in their cafe. And so PureDeadBrilliant was born.

My brownies are Gluten Free ( with the exception of the Malteser variety). I love experimenting with flavours so watch out for some limited edition varieties. 

The following regular flavours are available

Coffee/Walnut (GF)
Rosewater/Pistachio +/- Turkish Delight (GF)
Strawberry/Rosewater (GF/NF) +/-Macadamia (GF)
Malteser (NF)
Honeycomb (GF, NF)
Spiced Sour Cherry (GF, NF)
Gingerbread Spice (GF/NF)
Bailey’s (GF/NF)
Mint/White Chocolate (GF/NF)
Sticky Date (GF/NF) +/- Pecan (GF)
Peanut Butter/Cinnamon/Honey (GF)
Chilli Peanut Butter

Yum, yummy, yummo…

The following limited-edition flavours are available,  requiring a one-week minimum notice.

Citrus (GF/NF
Ginger (GF/NF)
Rum and Raisin (GF/NF)
Hot Cross Bun Spice (GF/NF)
Spicy Chai Macadamia (GF)

Brownies can be purchased as 20cm x 20cm slabs (cut or uncut) for your cafe, restaurant, private event, or in beautiful gift boxes containing up to 8 individual brownies as a special present for yourself or your loved ones.

HOURS  OF  OPERATION:  By Appointment.  Thank you.



Boxes, Handmade, Individual, Brownies, Bomboniere

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