And the Winner is???

And the Winner is???


A March wedding which is worthy of its very own Academy Award for best costume design and creativity …. And if there was an award for love in the air then they would have won that also.

We send a huge congratulations to Juan and Michael recently joined for life under a beautiful March sky for their special day.

Surrounded by friends, family,  love and laughter it was the perfect day and one that will bring joy and warmth to the heart for years to come.

The wedding party.

2023 has seen a change in the traditional white wedding and now more colours are being introduced, black and green being the most popular, and this ceremony incorporated both.

A hint of what’s to come! Can you guess?

Juan and Michael both have a creative flair and this can be seen in the style and creativity of the outfits worn on the day.

Juan’s custom made Tuxedo gown was created by Tamara Keane Costume and inspired by Billy Porters iconic outfit worn at the 2019 Oscars.

Juan’s black velvet jacket featured Preciosa encrusted lapel and matching bow tie.

The jewel of the outfit was the tiara, stunning is all we can say. The green emerald embellishments complimenting Juan’s outfit and matched the bridesmaids emerald green dresses and made those eyes absolutely sparkle.  Love it.

Emeralds sparkle and so do those eyes.

Photography by The Wedding & Portrait Studio.

A creative yet structural shot of Juan. The Chandelier, subtle though effective.

All paperwork completed…of into the future.

As the day progressed and attention turned to the first dance there was a round of applause as Michael and Juan took to the dance floor and surrounded by the soft clouds from the smoke machine they seemed to be dancing on air.

The first dance on a cloud.

This is when like a matador in a ring Juan with a quick twirl and flick of the wrist removed the skirt and under a rainbow of colour cleverly hidden under the skirt, was then revealed to be wearing a smart pair of suit pants, which again complimented the outfit.

The reveal is complete and the couple continue their dance.

The underside of the skirt reveals the colours of Pride, a tribute.

We love it, a wedding should be exactly what the couple want.

Thank you to Juan and Michael for sharing your day with us, all the best for the future from Wedding Suppliers xx.

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