Green – What Does it Symbolise?

Green – What Does it Symbolise?


Think of the colour Green and you instantly think of the following, but it also depends on the shade of Green:

  • Nature
  • Energy
  • Life
  • Renewal
  • Freshness
  • Safety
  • Fertility
  • Environment
  • Harmony
  • Relaxation

The colour green though more focused on drawing you to calm and nature themes it also has a strong association with:

  • Money
  • Finance
  • Greed
  • Banking
  • Ambition
  • Corruption
  • Jealousy

Green is a colour which affects us both physically and mentally.  It is soothing, and relaxing and helps calm a person when nervous, depressed or anxious.

Green gemstones (if you wanted to incorporate in your outfit) are said to create growth, balance and optimism and assist in keeping you positive.

Here is a little snippet about the owners of Wedding Suppliers.  They were married on St Patrick’s Day, however, did not wear green.  Not even green beer at the reception.

Green can also be seen as both a colour which instills a warming feeling as well as a cooling feel.

There are different shades and tints of green and just some of them are referred to as:

  • Emerald
  • Sap
  • Sea Green
  • Sea Foam
  • Olive
  • Olive Drab
  • Pea Green
  • Grass Green
  • Apple
  • Mint
  • Forest
  • Lawn Green
  • Lime
  • Spring Green
  • Leaf Green
  • Aquamarine
  • Chartreuse
  • Fir
  • Kelly Green
  • Pine
  • Moss
  • Jade
  • Sage
  • Yellow Green

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