Flowers By Season

Flowers By Season


Quite often you just want to look at a quick glance and see what flowers are available depending on the season you are getting married in.

Below you shall find a handy quick reference guide to flowers by season. Some flowers have different varieties which will give a different look, depending on shape of leaves, petals, stamen etc.

This is just a sample of flowers available by season.

Always speak with a florist to ensure you get the best flowers to suit your needs.


Arum Lily (various colours), Blushing Bride/ Australian Protea (red), David Austin Roses (various colours), Forget Me Not (blue, pink), Freesia (various colours), Gardenia (white), Hippeastrum (red, white), Hyacinth (various colours), Lilac (purple, blue), Lily of the Valley, Love in the Mist (blue, purple), Pieris (red), Ranunculus (various colours), Rhododendron (various colours).


Agapanthus (purple, blue, white), Bouvardia (white), Calla Lily (white, yellow, orange), Dahlia (various colours), David Austin Roses (white, cream, pink), English Lavender (purple), Frangipani (yellow, pink, white), Freesia (various colours), Gardenia (white), Hydrangea (blue, pink, white, lilac), Lisianthus (various colours), Orchids (various colours), Stephanotis (white), Tuberose (various colours), Waterlily (various colours).


Amaranthus (red), Carnations (various colours), Daphne (pinks, purple, white), Disbud Chrysanthemum (various colours), Freesia (various colours), Hyacinth (various colours), Snap Dragons (various colours), Sweet Peas (various colours), Tulips (various colours)


Anemone (various colours), Cymbidium Orchids (various colours), Helleborus (various colours), Hyacinth (various colours), Jonquil (yellow, white), Lily Green Goddess (white, green), Queen Annes Lace (white), Snow Drops (white), Sweet William (pink, purple), Star of Bethlehem (white), Sweet Peas (various colours), Tulips (various colours), Violet (purple)


Alstromeria (various colours), Asiatic Lily (various colours), Carnation (various colours), Daisy (white, pink), Delphinium (blue, white), Gerbera (various colours), Oriental Lily (white, pink, yellow), Roses (various colours), Singapore Orchid (purple, white, pink).

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