Turn Your Cake Upside Down

Turn Your Cake Upside Down


Do you look at tiered cakes and think you want something different?

Simply, turn it upside down.

When it comes to cakes, the Chandelier Cake, also known as Hanging or Upside Down Cake is becoming more popular.

When you look at a Chandelier which hangs from the ceiling you will notice that the larger portion is always at the top with smaller tiers descending.

Well this is exactly the same for a Chandelier cake.

When you look at a cake everyone sees the decoration, but sometimes there is so much more involved and that is exactly what happens with a Chandelier cake.

Just a single glance and you wonder how it defies the odds in not collapsing in a heap, well the internal structure alone can take 1 to 1.5 hours to construct and then there is the cake and decoration, a true labour of love.

The passion and skill that goes into any cake is common knowledge but the sheer artistry involved in a Chandelier cake is something else.

Lyons Den Cakes is one of our suppliers in SA and they have recently created this stunning Chandelier cake.

A true masterpiece.

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